–From Bonnie’s New Owners–

April 5, 2023

Bonnie turned 1 today. She is a true joy and is becoming a trucker dog. She goes everywhere with Larry. Thank you so much.

Watching a rabbit. 🙂

–From Bobby’s New Owners–

January 7, 2022

We are heading towards our third week with Bobby and he’s already such a treasured member of the family. He is so bright, curious, and clever. He responds correctly to “no” and “come”; he is learning “bed” and “heel”, and definitely knows his name already. His outdoor training is going well, and he usually lets us know when he has to go outside— of course, having a schedule for him helps! He likes to chase a ball and give kisses— lick instead of bite! His biting is more under control but he is definitely still teething; he likes to chew on sticks and his chew toy. He’s very sociable and is always happy to meet new humans and other dogs. We are amazed at how quickly Bobby is learning and are looking forward to seeing how much more he learns over this next year.

–From Rosie’s New Owners–

November 15, 2021

Dear Pearl,
Hello from Minnesota!
We hope you and your family are doing well! We check your website periodically and love seeing all the wonderful pictures of the new litters of puppies!
We wanted to share an update and some photos of Rosie. She is such a joy! She is the sweetest and most playful puppy. She loves to be chased, make new friends, and play with our kids. She makes friends wherever we go with both dogs and people. She has brought so much happiness to our family with her sweet personality and hilarious antics! It feels like she has always been a part of our family!
We wish you and your family a very peaceful and happy holiday season!
The Israelson Family

Photo credit: Heather Reese Photography

–From Etta’s New Owners–

October 4, 2021

Greetings from central PA

Etta Mae got her first big girl haircut the other day and we thought we would share.  She certainly has grown up these past few weeks.

Her ears are her trademark, the neighborhood is in love with that silly scottie poo with one ear up and one down.

At 5.5 months, she is very active, very healthy, full of energy, extremely spoiled, and super smart.

Dana and I are very pleased with little Etta.


–From Magnum’s New Owners–

September 6, 2021

Magnum is very energetic and curious. He loves playing with frogs and leaves. He is an emotional support dog and he loves going on car rides. We love him so much. He was top in his obedience classes. Thank you! 

Cheryl H.

–From Kali’s New Owners–

August 25th, 2020

This is our Molli (Kali) we got the first part of  December 2019. We drove from Michigan to pick her up. She is 3 months and 10 months in those pictures. A very sweet, mischievous puppy. Does she ever let us know if she has something she isn’t supposed to have! She waits until a treat comes out before she gives what ever it is up! A very sweet girl and such a delight!

This little girl is a huge lap puppy and is currently on my lap as I type this. If you sit in a chair, you will have Molli in your lap! She greets us like we have been gone years even coming in from doing her duties outside. She is full of vocalization. Not barking, but “vocalizations for different things”

Thanks again!

Mary Louise 

–From Bentley’s New Owners–

August 4, 2020

I am attaching a picture of Andy who was your Bentley.  He will be 2 in September and he is truly handsome and a very good boy.   He is the most beautiful red dog I’ve ever seen and people comment all the time. Not only that but he has the sweetest personality and he is very vocal. He “talks” to us with his many sweet murmurings. Something went right with this guy as he is an intelligent and loving friend. He has been easy to train as he understands what is said. For example, we can’t say walk without great excitement. I don’t imagine you’d recall, but I had broken my wrist when I picked him up. He was the best thing for me to raise my spirits and get me moving. He is very tuned into me. You did a great job with these pups. 

Barbara H.

–From Chica and Cali’s New Owners–   

 August 3, 2020

Cali & Chica are doing EXCELLENT and we love them very much! They bring so much joy to our family and we couldn’t be happier! We wanted to thank you again for everything! Here is an updated picture of them.    – Marco

–From Felix’s New Owners–

May 26, 2019

Hello Pearl,

We thought you might like a fun picture of our favorite puppy! He spends alot of time on his Dads lap like this, with his paw resting on the leg. This is how he watches for deer out back and of course his favorite critter our little lizards. They give him a run for his money! Ha

Happy Memorial weekend!

Happy owners of one of your pups,

Bruce and Linda


–From Molly’s New Owners–

      May 29, 2019

Hi Pearl!

I wanted to share this picture of Molly with you.

She won a contest for a spa day with a local groomer and this was the picture the groomer took. She told me that Molly is spunky for sure! She’s really been an amazing dog. She’s got such and attitude and it brings us so many smiles and laughs.

Thanks again!!

Savanna and Stephen 

–From Felix’s New Owners–

July 25, 2018


I thought you would like to see a picture of our adorable little Felix! He is the best little fellow ever! We LOVE him so much!

He loves to cuddle, play with toys, chew on bottle caps, etc! At our dog park everyone loves him too. He plays with all of his dog friends, esp. Maggie, a scottish terrier who he thinks is his sister. She is 6 mos old and just a sweetheart. He is the one pup who gets everyone to run and play! He is very fast and not many can catch him!!  He got a rescue dog interested in playing for the first time since his rescue a year ago! Now Bengy plays with lots of doggies!He loves ice cubes, dogs on TV and sleeping in our bed. He was super easy to train and has been accident free for about 4-5 months now! He doesn’t shed and his coat is very soft!

Anyway, hope all your owners are as happy with their little pups as we are.



–From Griffen and Piper’s New Owners–

May 24, 2018

Hi Pearl and family, here is a current photo of Piper & Griffin. They’re 8 months old now, the best of friends, and they passed puppy training classes. The instructor said they were both very smart. They both have completely different personalities and we love them so much.

All the best,
Toni & Barry

And we heard from them again…..     11/20/20

Hi Pearl, we understand that you have moved to Missouri, good for you!

I wanted to send you some photos of Griffin’s recent professional photo shoot taken in a Scottish home owned by one of my friends. The pups are now three years old, they are so much a part of our family. So much so, that we will be reaching out probably within a year to get one more little brother for our family. We enjoy looking on your website and follow your Scotty/Poo’s as they come along.

Wish you all the best and Happy Holidays.
God bless,
The Badinger’s

Piper and Griffin


–From Chief’s New Owners–

May 22, 2018

I just wanted to send you an update on how well LJ (Chief) is doing. He is seriously the best puppy, we always say we hit the puppy lottery! He is so loving and has the sweetest temperment. He loves to play with his toys and loves to cuddle on your lap as well. He makes the cutest little grunt noises when he’s happy. He is super smart too. In only a few short weeks he has learned to ring a bell that we have hanging on our door to let us know when he has to go to the bathroom. He is happy and healthy and we could not be more grateful that we have him in our lives. Thanks again for such a wonderful puppy!!!

– Stephanie, Jake & LJ

–From Cookie’s New Owners–

April 23, 2018

Hello Pearl!

I wanted to send you this picture of Molly (Cookie). She has such a huge personality and is such a joy. She knows how to sit, lay down, shake, high five, roll over and we are working on playing dead. She loves going for walks and goes crazy after getting a bath. She’s definitely a snuggler and loves to follow us every where.

We are very happy with her and looking forward to many years to come with her!

Thanks again!
Savanna and Stephen

–From Grover’s New Owners–

November 12, 2017

Dear Pearl, We just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of Grover as he grew.  He is such a mischievous and sweet boy. We are so impressed with his spunky attitude and big appetite! He is already making friends with his new brother and enjoyed a nice bath this morning. We promise to keep you updated on him. Thank you again for making feel so loved. We appreciate it.

Sincerely, Jessica, Justin, Wall-e and Grover

And we heard from them again……

December 7, 2017

Just wanted to let you know Grover is doing great! Weighing in at 6.8 lbs of pure mischief and cuteness. We are working on leash training which he is not a fan of and potty training. He absolutely adores his new big brother!


-From Dusky and Drew’s New Owners–

June 15, 2017

We are loving our puppies Calli (Dusky) and Duffie (Drew)! They’ve brought so much joy to our family. Thank you so much and we look forward to sharing more photos.

All the best,
Donna and Tom

–From Maggie’s New Owners–

February 21, 2017

Sorry that I have waited 5 months to update you on Maggie.  She has moved in and taken over the house; she insists on tracking all of her housemates (2 humans, 2 canines, 1 feline)at all times, plus all road traffic. No one will ever be able to sneak up on us.  At 13 pounds, she goes toe to toe with her 80+pounds Labrador brothers, I’m not sure she knows she isn’t a Labrador, they took to her immediately, the cat was a different story, but they have finally made peace. She would also do well as a Siberian Husky; she loves snow and play outside for hours if allowed. She almost has us totally trained to her housebreaking schedule, so all is good at her home.

I’ve taken at least 100 pictures of her, but she is so fast, most of them are a blur, I have attached a couple them where you can actually see there is a dog as the subject. I describe her as a “Scoot-oddle” because of her speed; Scotti-poo or mixed terrier doesn’t do her justice.

–From Benji’s New Owners–

February 9, 2017

Hello Morley Family,
Benji celebrated his first half-year with a mani pedi and a new do at the groomer’s.   Maybe to help make up for being neutered last month.  He is doing fine.  I’ve attached some photos. He weighs close to twenty pounds and has unbelievable energy.  He learns things quickly and he is curious about everything.  I tried to tell him about snow, but he probably won’t have to worry about that here.  Thanks for sending him to us.


–From Bear’s New Owners–

January 5, 2016

Just wanted to give you an update on Bear.  Bear and my Mom are quite the pair.  He is what you would call active.  The dog can climb, jump, and is fast as a whip.  Just the other day I was visiting, he jumped up on my lap, licked my face all over, then went on my shoulder and ended up perched on my head.  It is a good thing that the dog is cute as a button and is great with my kids.  Most importantly he has made my Mom very happy and he does not mind her dotting on him.  In closing, thank you very much.  My Mom had a question as to how you came to name him Bear?

–From Ebony’s New Owners–

October 26, 2015

Hey guys! Just wanted to you guys know how happy we are with Ruby (Ebony). She is most definitely our BABY! We love her so much. She doing excellent in her potty training. She is very social and loves playing with other dogs and people. She has really brought me and my boyfriend closer together. Thank you for our special girl and your continued interest in her well being.


–From Nod’s New Owners–

June 6th, 2015

Our sweet pup, Jones (Nod) is doing well!! He has finished all of his puppy shots and well visits. The Vet says he is a perfectly healthy pup! Jones adjusted to his new home within a few days and he loves it! He is trained to sleep in his crate through the night and he rings a bell on our door when he needs to go outside to use the bathroom! He is quite the smart dog! Jones comes to work with me every day, at a physical therapy clinic! He is our therapy dog! All the patients love him and he makes them happy!

He has went home to my parents house and he loves to run outside in the woods and around the farm!

He was the perfect addition to our family!

Attached are some pictures after he had his first groomer session!

Thanks again!
Eric & Brittney

–From Blynken’s New Owners–

May 26, 2015

Hi! I wanted to send a few pictures of Duncan (Blynken). He’s so great!! He’s been a wonderful addition to our family. Our lab, Joe and him get along great and are inseparable.      Thank you!

Dena Cox

Duncan on his 1st birthday

–From Inky’s New Owners–

September 30, 2015

Hello Morley family.
Gemma (Inky) is doing fantastic. She had a check up at the vet and everything went great. She fits right in at home and at work. She had her first motorcycle ride and loved it.  Hope all is well with your family. We will stay in touch.


And we heard from them again……

November 30, 2015

Hello Morley family.
Just wanted to share a photo of Gemma after her first hair cut. This is a picture of Jack and Gemma working late at the office. She loves meeting all the customers and welcomes everyone. She’s getting big and is extremely healthy. You can’t tell in the picture but after her cut her ears are away up. She is perfect!  We just love her. Have a wonderful holiday season.
June B.