You’re looking at the Elon and Anita Morley family, posing on May 27, 2017 at our son Jed’s wedding. From left to right — Pearl,  Ezra,  Amaris, Rosalie (our new sister-in-law/daughter-in-law),  Jed,  Anita, and Elon.  Since all our youngun’s grew up overseas, we enjoy traveling, as well as singing together, raising our own food and vegetables, and caring for our pets (and hunting in the nearby State Game Lands). We rent a big old house surrounded by woods and farmland near a couple of other Morley brothers in the Mifflinburg, PA, area. With cars to repair, an outdoor furnace to stoke, chickens and horse to tend, and our oldest son in Bible College–and of course, nurturing, bathing, photographing, and selling puppies from time to time– we find this a busy time of life! So we’re an all-around family who love the Lord and all of God’s creation, while attempting to be resourceful and as self-sufficient as possible. We love to communicate with people–especially like-minded folks, and the children have lots of opportunities just with their 62 cousins! Acorn Acres is just a small place, but we hope you enjoy becoming acquainted just a bit here.